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We value honesty and trust the most
and pursue management carrying out social responsibility.

As the conception being the basic and starting point of our management,
we do our best to encourage our employees
to be proud of themselves and motivated to work, just as the following:

    • 신뢰
    • Trust
    • Trust
    • Management to give trust to our customers
    • Mindset to give priority to building trust with employees and customers
    • 열정
    • Passion
    • Passion
    • Endless challenge spirit to the future
    • Strong will to accomplish our goals with pride
    • 즐거움
    • Joy
    • Joy
    • Management to have all the employees find joy in their work
    • Effort to provide the best joy to our customers
    • 공정함
    • Fairness
    • Fairness
    • Fairness to have all the employees find happiness
    • Spirit to share fair ±profit rights to occur with society