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A brand new service with low risks/high profit,
free from high expenses and risks that may occur from FX Margin Trade, allowing small investors to experience FX Margin Trade.

Principles of FXRENT

FXRENT opens an account for FX Margin Trade and proceed the trade, and provide the rights of ±profit that will occur to our customers in a RENT method.
Now, small investors can be free from the risk of losing investment principal in a short time and experience FX Margin Trade.

  • Mem. Company

  • FX Margin Trade Commodity / Real-time Chart Provided

    Open accounts as a normal investor and conclude contracts

  • RENT ±Profit Rights

    Buy RENT & Calculation Result

  • Customers


Advantages of FXRENT

No risks and maintenance cost that occur from FX Margin Trade

  • No consignment deposit needed / (app. 10 mil. KRW)
  • No
    spread cost needed
  • No
    rollover interest needed
  • No risks
    of high cost loss in a short time
  • Provide STOP/LIMIT

※ When STOP/LIMIT values are provided, realization/unrealization is applied automatically when reaching the value

Characteristics of FXRENT

  • FXRENT has patented the transaction method so can be provided by us only, and is also certified by ISO9001
  • FXRENT has accounts of member companies, so FXRENT's standard is also based on member companies' FX Margin Transaction charts.
  • RENT is provided coinciding FX Margin trading time (Mon. 7 am ~ Sat. 6 am)
  • Since KRW 100 Mil product rent deposit amount ranges from KRW 5,000 ~ 500,000, it is possible to trade in low cost, unlike FX Margin Trade.