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Thank you for being with us, International FXRENT HQ.

International FXRENT HQ always seeks greatest value in providing a service to the Members based on the invention patent of FX Margin Trading Rent Trading Method (Constitutional Law Section 22 ②Ellipsis · Inventor's · Ellipsis is protected by the law Constitutional Law Section 119 ①Economic order of Korea is based on respecting economic freedom and creativity of person and company.)
,and along with values of challenge, honesty, diligence, fairness, globalization,
has developed with the Members through FXRENT.

CEO Inyoung Kim
  • FXRENT is a brand-new service conception of 'Rent' applied in FX Margin Trade,
    Since 'FX margin trading rent trading method' is patent registered, the corresponding business can be managed only by the patent holder, International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd.
  • FXRENT covers -70,000 KRW including 1 contract GBP/AUD spread that requires deposit of 10,000,000 KRW and loan of 90,000,000 KRW to use FX Margin Trading, and is a rent trading service that innovatively reduces faillure driven by excessive cost for day traders under the condition of one day profit and loss of around 20,000 KRW according to AI. Financial rent industry is a future new growth momentum, and in case of globalization, FXRENT on/offline new employment+business size will develop dramatically.
  • Also, as there's no limitation of physical boundaries in FX futures trading, FXRENT definitely will also succeed overseas if it does in Korea.
    We firmly promise that we will create 100 thousands of job positions by extending our business to over 200 countries and conclude MOUs with local cooperative companies.
    Through this, we also guarantee that our business will make contributes to global economic activation.
  • As Smart Management Co., Ltd. has been growing thanks to our customers' love and support, we would like to contribute to the 4th Industrial Development as the following:
    • First, we will establish a stable private financial institution with low risks and high profit.
    • Second, we will play the role of a pioneer contributing in the establishment of 'Financial Rent Business' through developing overseas market.
    • Last but not least, we will do our best to have our financial rent business to be a part of future generation industry and contribute to create new job positions.
  • With passion and devotion, International FXRENT HQ will continuously put efforts and be responsible to become No. 1 company in FXRENT market. It has sharing nature of distributing to Super Freelancers in the level of global CEO reproduction. Embracing global neighbors and pacing with global era, it will exercise CEO sharing and lead job creation pioneer online system sharing. I will become a CEO who practices economic nuclear weapon sharing and distribution.

International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd.

CEO Inyoung Kim