Terms and Conditions (For post-distribution of +profit)

1 unit of rent application rate 1$:KRW1,000

1. General

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Terms and Conditions is to define duties, responsibilities and other matters for International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company” or “FXRENT”) and its users (hereinafter referred to as “the Member”) in relation to all distribution(rent) service use of proper ± profit/loss to occur real time from financial investment trade products that are held after investing, joint investing, or MOU signed by the Company as a regular investor according to Korean Capital Market Act Article 9 Term 6.

Article 2 (Understanding of the Contract)

Financial Investment Trading Product (FX Margin Trading) purchased from Domestic Financial Investment Broker authorized by the Financial Service Commission: The product includes investment and expenses (100,000 unit (1LOT) including 100,000,000 KRW ($100,000) loan), and the Company pays the Finance Investment Trader approximately 70,000 KRW including expenses and spread etc. and 1,000 KRW as a commission to Financial Investment Broker. The Member obtains proper profit/loss profit±distribution right to occur real time, from the Company’s actually possessed products, with Rent Deposit of 50,000 KRW per each LOT, and if -50 units occur first from the rent starting time 00:00 on 00th, the contract is setoff and terminated with the Rent Deposit (50,000 KRW) that the International Financial Investment Trader had deposited when notifying judged withdrawals. In contrast, if +50 units occur first, the International Financial Investment Trader returns the Rent Deposit (50,000 KRW) deposited when notifying judged deposits and distribute occurred profit of the Company (+50,000 KRW) to the Member under the contracted ratio and terminate the contract. This rent trading method service business was invented by Cho, Jung-Sik, one person among 7.6 billion population in the world, and its patent is registered in Korea and Japan, and PCT and its patent are applied in the United States, China, Europe, the UK, India, etc.

Assuming that retail investors in the world pay $1,700,000,000,000 as a spread, $600,000,000,000 as an exchange fee, $200,000,000,000 as an overnight interest, and -$2,500,000,000,000 as an approximate total expense for investing in annually 34 million LOTs (1 LOT 100,000,000 KRW ($100,000) product), regarding ±20,833 KRW profit and loss probability that 90% of middle and working classes should pay as a day trading fee, according to the ai data basing 1LOT, the Company bears in advance the expenses such as one-time derivative product payment of one hundred million KRW, spread of -70,000 KRW, and etc. For day traders failing from excessive expense, not from investment itself, the Company holds 50,000 KRW per 1 LOT from the Member, costing only about spread (including exchange fee) as stated in the distribution contract (rent) service loss deposit from the Member wishing profit distribution (rent) contract. When the Company holds 50,000 KRW from the Member, +profit is 50,000 KRW for 50 units, +profit 500,000 for 500 units and +profit 5,000,000 KRW for 5,000 units, are different according to the contract. After signing the rent contract, the Member is to be distributed profit from the Company after additionally deducting the amount of the rate from 0 to 50% based on the default prevention patent registered by the Company (when the Company weighs default possibility, the rate can be changed), which is clearly stated in this Terms and Conditions. This rent service is allowed only to the Member who agrees with this default prevention condition.

Only in case that the Member thinks that they can cut costs compared to their existing day trade, they use the ±profit distribution (rent) service of on/offline derivative product (HTS) developed by the Company, and only the Member who agrees with this conception is to use this rent service. Also, the Company built service profit structure to distribute (rent) ±profit/loss to occur from the derivative product that the Company invested and possessed (joint invest contract), and acquired additional patent of invention in default insolvency prevention and the like, eventually applying the patent of invention for the Member to have profit distribution (rent) service and costs cut. This is an exclusive item available to the worldwide population of approximately 7.6 billion, the Member can cut down approximately 90% of costs, and the Company considers the distribution (rent) service of ±profit/loss to occur to be a brand-new business, which will expand to 200 countries and produce a profit of 10 trillion KRW over the next 10 years. Accordingly, the Company is pre-trying the service to the Member in the name of founding international business and provides web duplication of ±profit/loss distribution with low cost to supporters of the Company's brand-new business. In case they wish foreign local companies and freelancer, the Company may suggest the possible ±profit/loss distribution service as a sideline business to the owners of coffee shop, restaurant, etc., which involve high cost structure.

As a brand-new business conducted by the Company for the first time, the Company is willing to pursue a "puzzle sharing" and low-cost/high efficiency towards about 1,000,000 corporations and private companies worldwide, and to prove "seeing is believing" of the Company standing out from other current virtual reality experiences and virtual trading, the Company covers pre-payment of 20,000 KRW only to newly registering Members who requested it through our homepage after submitting documents requested by the Company as an example. For example, the corresponding Member conducts 10% distribution service (rent) from the ±profit/loss to occur from 1 LOT, and when -loss -5,000 KRW occurs first and the Finance Investment Trader marks -5,000 KRW as a withdrawal, loss deposit of 5,000 KRW is disposed, and the balance turns into 15,000 KRW as one experiences contracted loss. In contrast, when the Finance Investment Trader marks +profit 5,000 KRW as a deposit, the Member may obtain +profit of approximately 4,300 KRW, which occurs from the distribution (rent) service contract. In case the Member regards the profit/loss distribution service to be inappropriate, the Member is obliged to withdraw the membership by oneself, and in case the Member regards the service to be appropriate, the Member fulfills responsibilities and duties stated in this Terms and Conditions and executes the rights. Fulfilling responsibilities and duties as well, with a purpose of executing the rights, based on the Commercial Laws and others, the Company has the purpose to clearly state the execution right function such as banishing or claiming the compensation for damage on the Member who violates the Terms and Conditions hereof.

As a retail investor defined by “Capital Market and Financial Investment Services Provider Act” Article 9 Term 6, the Company covers 1LOT product price of 100,000,000 KRW ($100,000), exchange fee of -20,000 KRW ($20), spread expense of -50,000 KRW ($50), and overnight interest of -3,000 KRW ($3) per day at the Financial Investment Trader authorized by the Financial Service Commission, and manages a distribution (rent) service business item towards proper profit/±profit/loss to occur from the product invested and possessed (MOU). The Company clarifies that this service item is only available to the Member who concludes the profit to occur to be economically reasonable.

However, when the Member acknowledges the Company's distribution (rent) business item towards the ±profit/loss to occur from the product to be economically illegal product ±profit/loss, the Member experiences profit/loss distribution (rent) contract with 20,000 KRW covered by the Company and then fulfills the obligation for membership withdrawal of ±profit/loss distribution (rent) voluntarily. If the Member neglects this and plots with related experts with an intent that the Company's distribution (rent) service towards ±profit/loss to occur (notified in Terms and Conditions and Homepage) is to obtain illegal profit and/or gaming/gambling, to establish a gambling house and to provide a gambling space and the like, and/or accusee, reports and makes false statements to authorities and causes civil and criminal loss and damage to the Company, the Company clearly notifies the quoters that all the responsibilities and civil and criminal liabilities lie in the very person who had illegally quoted it by each case (required to have clarified for the illegal action etc. by the Company). Yet, the Company is to firmly commit duties of investment, expense burden, and profit/loss risk burden, and to clearly notify these duties to the Member and the authorities concerned. As a condition to hold responsibilities in relation to the infringement of the duties aforementioned, the Member is to use this service only when acknowledging the Company to have invested, possessed, and co-invest contracted product as a retail investor to the Financial Investment Trader authorized from the Financial Services Commission and properly distributes the ±profit/loss to occur from the product fairly economically.

The corresponding service also has its purpose in puzzle sharing of the 8 accounting principles and the Company’s on/off-line product ±profit/loss distribution service software developed with a small fee after mastering the knowledge of profit/loss distribution (rent). In case of starting additional business using this software, investment, maintenance, and expanse scale, it takes approximately one-tenth, contributing to new growth power with current business people (in their 20s to 80s). For example, when the Company provides ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service for an investment of 100,000,000 KRW ($100,000), 1 LOT product in Buy position, the Member leaves the deposit 50,000 KRW for ±profit/loss distribution (rent) contract to occur from 1 LOT and when the Finance Investment Product Trader marks deposit with -50 units of ±profit/loss from contracted rent start time 00:00, the deposit 50,000 KRW is setoff and the contract commitment is finishes. In contrast, when the Finance Investment Product Trader who judges profit +50 units, the Company returns the loss deposit 50,000 KRW left by the Member beforehand and pays approximately 43,000 KRW of distribution(rent) and then finishes service contract.

However, when using 50,000 KRW, which only amounts to the cost of spread and exchange fee, as a reuse of ±profit/loss distribution ‘rent’ deposit to occur from 1LOT or as a default prevention (the Company can judge additional potential ±profit/loss and may charge from 0% to 50%), the Company notifies pros and cons as follows:

based on the technical analysis such as 1 minute data of selected futures trading company, the Company, as a retail and proper investor, operates a business that distributes(rents) regarding an objective and proper profit±loss, and even errors (e.g. cost and unit differences in spread cost and evaluation price, differences of the standard in calculating KRW/USD etc.) occur by the selected futures trading company or the Company when capturing 1 minute data of the selected futures trading company through methods such as auto etc., in the range of spread as the spread cost etc., it is reused as the ±profit/loss to occur from 1 LOT and eventually be a win-win for both the Company and the Member. The Company clarifies that only the Member who acknowledges this is to use this distribution (rent) service towards the Company's product ±profit/loss to occur.

According to the distribution (rent) regulations, when reaching out both realization and failure in 1 minute data, the contract is invalidated and corresponding distribution (rent) deposit is refunded. At the same time, in case of using the credit card for distribution (rent), two-way distribution (rent) contract is impossible, and a high-risk generally lies on cases such as one-sided distribution and the like.

In cases of accidents such as computer crashing by D DoS Hacking, the Company is responsible for handling and preserving the service to enable the Member to connect to a separate domain server address and use the service.

Also, the Company recognizes the possibility that one person realizes +profit by Buy and then goes home, and another person acquires -loss distribution (rent) by Sell, and lost one may regard the loss as manipulated, the Company clearly states that the purpose of general notification recommending one-sided distribution (rent) only and strictly prohibits the aforementioned behaviors. Instead of current trading structure with highly costing trading price differences etc., the Company provides distribution (rent) contract trading towards ±profit/loss to occur in real time to retail investors. Middle and working class people and others around the world fail in finance investment trade product due to high expenses rather than investment loss rate in day and short trading, according to the AI, so the Member who admits the Company’s business as a proper, reasonable, and legal business applicable for its goals by reducing approximately 90% of expenses, and agrees that rent trading is more beneficial than day trading according to the Terms and Conditions and business aim and contents, shall use the service. Additionally, protecting day traders under the Capital Market Act by burdening high expenses of spread etc. for every 1 LOT contract and preventing high spread leak overseas and reducing approximately 90% of the whole expenses when using the Company’s rent trading system, the Company, as a retail investor, may reduce rent trading volume to prevent losses from rapid falls around the timing to have rollover interest being applied, and the Company clearly notifies that only the Member who agrees with the aforementioned contents is able to use the rent trading service.

Article 3 (Validity of the Terms and Conditions)

The validity of the Contract takes effect when the Member reviews the prepay distribution (rent) contract contents using the web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system, and agrees with the question “Do you agree with the Terms and Conditions?” by clicking the Agree button.

The Company may arbitrarily change its Terms and Conditions, and the altered Terms and Conditions takes effect by posting the notice on the Homepage and web service system. However, important changes regarding the Member’s rights or obligations must be notified at least 7 days ahead.

The Member has a right to disagree with the new or revised Terms and Conditions, and in this case, the Member may stop using the web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system provided by the Company and withdraw the service or from the website. However, if the Member continues to use the web-based ±profit, it is considered an agreement to the revisions of Terms and Condition.

The Member should visit the Terms and Conditions of this web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system regularly and review the changes in it. The Company does not hold any responsibility on the Member’s loss caused by his/her ignorance of the changes in Terms and Conditions.

The Member who signed and requested “prepay distribution (rent) contract” for the use of the web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system must be fully aware of the Terms and Conditions on the Company’s Homepage(http://www.fxrent.com) and agrees with it, and the system should be used only in this case.

Article 4 (Regulations besides Terms and Conditions)

When necessary, the Company may determine separate terms and management principles (hereinafter referred to as "Pre-pay Distribution (Rent) Contract, Notice, and Updates") about individual items within the “web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system”. In case this Terms and Conditions and the contents of guideline per each service contradict with each other, “Pre-pay Distribution (Rent) Contract” is applied preferentially.

Article 5 (Notice to the Member)

When the Company is to notice the Member, it can be delivered to the email or phone number that the Member provided, by document, or by posting an announcement on the web.

The Company may add or alter service contents if necessary, and the added or altered contents are to be notified on the Company’s web-based ±profit/loss distribution service system.

In case of notifying to unspecified groups of the Member, posting an announcement at the Service Bulletin Board can replace individual notice.

If the distribution (rent) deposit was not deducted even though the Member finished the order for ±profit/loss distribution contract, the Company may directly deduct from the Member’s deposit or delete additionally ordered part. In cases that the Member intentionally repeat or misuse corresponding processes, the Company may close down or suspend the use of the corresponding Member’s ID and ask the Member for civil and criminal liability.

Article 6 (Definition of the Terms)

The terms used in this Terms and Conditions are defined as follows.

1. The Member: Distribution contract trader (towards all ±profit/loss) who applied to use the Company’s ‘±profit/loss distribution service’ and be authorized as a regular member, and who is provided with an ID as a member to use ‘±profit/loss distribution service’

2. ID: A combination of letters and numbers chosen by the Member and assigned by the Company for the purpose of Member Identification and the distribution service use towards ±profit/loss

3. Password: A combination of letters and numbers set by the Member him/herself for identification and protection of the Member's rights

4. E-mail: Mail via Internet

5. Usage Contract: The Contract signed between the Company and the Member, based on this document, for provision of ±profit/loss distribution service to the Member

6. Suspension: The holdback of the Member’s regular service use for a certain period of time, according to certain conditions determined by the Company

7. Termination: expression of terminating the contract by the Company or the Member, after using the service

8. Distribution Service Contract towards ±profit/loss to occur real time from Derivatives: ±profit/loss distribution service contract when the Member signs a contract with the Company's "Distribution (Rent) Service towards ±profit/loss to occur" in condition of bearing 50,000 KRW for loss deposit of -50 unit (based on the actual account number data) and the Company pre-pays 1 contract derivative product 100,000,000 KRW invested by the Company, and -70,000 KRW consisted of spread, leverage, rollover interest, etc., the Company distributes approximately 43,000 KRW from +profit 50,000 KRW in case the Financial Investment Trader marks deposit when +profit 50,000 KRW occurs first.

9. Distribution (Rent) Contract Service towards ±profit/loss to occur from 1 LOT of Derivative, Pre-paying Distribution (Rent) Contract in short: The contract of the service when the contract condition loss (STOP) occurs 50 units, the Company contracts distribution (rent) with 50,000 KRW as performance bond paid by the Member, offsets and distribution contract is terminated when the loss -50,000 KRW occurs to the Company.

In aforementioned cases, as the Company had already pre-paid trade expense of -70,000 KRW, the Member's performance bond is lapsed. In contrast, when the contract condition profit (limit) occurs +50,000 KRW first, 43,000 KRW is paid to the Member as distribution and the contract is closed. However, when the Company is considered to have risks of default insolvency, deposit is to be paid but 2nd additional distribution may be less paid from 0 to 50% of the +profit.

10. Invalidation: In distribution conditional rent according to the 1 minute data, if realization/failure data occurs simultaneously as contracted condition regarding profit/loss of Buy/Sell, the Company invalidates the result of distribution conditional rent and returns the corresponding deposit to the Member and rent about distribution condition is considered to be agreed by both parties for closure.

11. Temporary rent volume decrease based on distribution condition: When bottleneck situation of overlapping occurs after renting based on distribution condition, the rent volume may decrease temporarily.​

2. (Regarding the Prepay Distribution(Rent) Contract and Membership Registration, etc.)

Article 7 (Establishment of the Membership Contract)

1. The Membership Contract is established as the Company authorizes the customer’s Membership Request.

2. The Company’s accepting moment of the customer’s Membership Request is when the web browser shows the content that the Membership Request has been processed normally or is when log-in to the system, etc. are possible.

Article 8 (Membership Request)

The process of Membership Request is set as the customer states the agreement of the Terms and Conditions on the Membership Request webpage of the Company’s web-based rent service and fills in the Member information on the specific form the Company prepared.

The Member must input his/her actual name and information in case of Membership Request. The Member who do not provide his/her actual name and information to the Company may not receive legal protection and his/her service usage may be restricted by the Company afterwards.

Article 9 (Restriction and Pending on Membership Request Approval)

The Company authorizes the use of the rent service by principle, as long as there is no special circumstance on Membership Request according to the Article 7.

② In the events below, the Company may disapprove the customer's service use request.

1. If the customer did not provide his/her actual name

2. If the customer's Membership Request was done by stealing or using other person's name

3. If the required information for Membership Request is omitted, miswritten, or falsified

4. If the customer who requested Membership did not keep ±profit/loss distribution contract deposit, etc., in the Company and if the Company concludes that the Membership needs to be restricted

5. If the customer violates Terms and Conditions based on commercial law after Membership Registration, and/or requests Membership Registration for the purpose of disrupting peace/order/customs of the society, abusing the service and/or propagating business in the same field, etc.

6. If the customer requests Membership to abuse the information or harm the Member's benefit

7. If the Company determines that there is possibility of information leak to the third party

③ In cases the Membership Request corresponds with any of the following cases, the Company may delay approval until the issue is resolved.

1. When the customer who requested Membership holds obligated debt to the Company, etc.

2. When there is lack of storage in online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system, etc.

3. When there are technical and/or security problems in providing online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service

4. When the usage approval is difficult because of attributable reasons of the Company so the Membership Request authorization is denied or restricted, the Company should inform it to the requested customer. However, if the requested customer is responsible, whether intentional or accidental, there is an exception.

5. The Company disproves Membership Request if the requested customer is under 19 years old.

6. When the Customer disagree with the Article 16 Term 3

Article 10 (Membership Withdrawal)

When the Member wishes to cancel the Membership Contract, the Member should request Membership Withdrawal through "Member Leave” on the menu of online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system and the Company is obligated to process the withdrawal request in a speedy manner in accordance with the Member’s request.

In the event of the Member’s death, he/she loses the position as the Member.

In cases that the Member committed any behaviors against the duty of the Member stated in the Article 19 hereof, the Company is able to cancel the Membership Contract without any prior notice or restrict, cancel, or suspend the Membership through proper methods.

Prior to withdrawing the Membership, the Member should request refund of remaining Rent Deposit and confirm the withdrawal.

Article 11 (Process of Canceling, Limiting, and Suspending Membership)

In cases when the Company wishes to cancel, restrict, or suspend the rights of the Member according to the Article 9 Term 3 hereof, the Company determines the reason, date, and period, and then notify the corresponding Member or his/her agent through e-mail, letter, phone call, etc. However, when a prior notice is considered to be unnecessary due to emergencies, such as natural disasters, which are not stated herein, (e.g. Case of not submitting required documents in a week after changing legal name, etc.)

According to the Corresponding Article, Article 1 hereof, the Member who was notified of service usage suspension may raise an objection against the Company's notification.

The Company may continue the restriction of usage while the review of objection stated in Term 2 above, and notify the result to the Member.

Once the Company confirms that the reason of the restriction is resolved during the restriction period, the Company immediately revokes the restriction.

3. (Providing distribution (rent) service system of ±profit/loss to occur from web-based online derivative products, notice of high risk/high profit, and special notice on the Company’s capital investment)​

Article 12 (Rules, Calculation Method, and Usage of Web-based Online ±profit/loss Distribution (Rent) Service System)

The Member requests the Company's "online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system" only when he/she concludes that it has justice. In other words, he/she should conclude that profit/loss of wealth to be the profit/loss from investing in economically proper capital, etc. Also, the Member promises the Company that he/she is requesting the use of the "online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system" upon understanding and agreeing with the Articles above and below hereof.

Important details regarding ‘online ±profit-loss distribution (rent) service system’ are presented below, and the member is obliged to be well-acquainted with them to use the service.

1. As a retail investor in GBP/AUD FX margin trade product of authorized finance investment trader, the Company decides the (distribution) rent volume based on the condition agreed within the range of ±profit/loss rights to occur from the joint-invested and investment-confirmed (FX margin trade) product, and the Member pre-pays distribution (rent) deposit for the online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) system service use and the deposit is held by the Company. The Member selects either a failure condition of -deposit range loss -50 unit stop from the contract (rent) start time or a limit condition of profit +50 unit (profit +$500 unit) profit +5,000 units, and then chooses "online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system contract" to request ±profit/loss distribution contract. The Member also agrees to receive –failure withdrawal or +realization deposit in relation to the ±profit/loss to occur from the derivative product that applies the Finance Investment Trader’s 1 minute chart data for the display standard and basis. Regarding the event above, when the violation of the existing law or conflict occurs, the Company and the Member mutually agree to settle down the amount of compensation and indemnify basing on upper laws and social agreement terms, and both parties agree to withdraw civil and criminal lawsuit, etc. immediately after the compensation is completed.

2. After providing a guide to the Member about FX Margin Trade Investment agency website and chart on how to open an account, according to the consulting result, the Company may pre-pay free 20,000 KRW to the Member as a distribution contract deposit, for notification and experience of high risk lying with product ±profit/loss distribution (rent) contract. The notification method of pre-paying funds for experiencing high risk and profit means that the Company provides it as it is considered to be the first rate information, and it is to protect the asset of the day trader while using ±profit/loss distribution (rent) contract service. By the rent trading method aforementioned, the Company considers having the Member to experience on-line distribution (rent) service of ±profit/loss to occur from the derivative product of the Company a fulfilling high risk and profit notification duty as a service provider. The reason to pre-invest a capital to the Member, based on the agreement between the Company and the Member on the content and provision purpose of online ±profit and loss distribution(rent) service stemmed from the Company’s derivative products, is that the Company concluded that the Member does not acknowledge the notice contents through the announcement methods such as mock trading, although we provided an experience for a year. Therefore, their effectiveness is doubted. The Company confirmed that day traders experience more loss from spread and overcharged fee than from mistaken investment decision based on the document in the Financial Supervisory Service website, so the Company burdens cost to help the Member directly experience high risk – high margin factor, which decreases asset in case of loss and increases asset in case of profit, through the mock trading. Through the corresponding notification process for trials, the Member may immediately suspend using the Company's service use and withdraw the Membership when he/she finds the Company's online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service system is inappropriate to him/her.

3. Here we specify, in detail, through the examples, possible cases when the Member requests online ±profit/loss distribution (rent) service.

Case 1. 1 lot’s ± profit/loss distribution contract deposit based on “Pre-pay ± profit/loss distribution(rent) service” is 50,000 KRW (Only condition of product’s ±profit/loss right, stop loss -50 units / limit profit +50 units), and when the start of distribution contract made on the Buy position on ‘FX Margin Trading Pound(BGP/AUD) Australian Dollar’ and others that the Company occupies or co-invests in is 9:10 am, Dec. 1st, 2012, if stop loss -50 units occurs first from this time, the contract ends as the distribution deposit of 50,000 KRW compensates the loss. If limit profit +50 units occurs first from this time, some of the realized money are paid to the Member and the deposit is retuned and then distribution contract ends. We define the aforementioned results and processing as bilateral agreement on conditional ± profit/loss distribution service.

Case 2. When the Member requests ±profit/loss contract with 1 LOT distribution deposit 50,000 KRW (Only in condition of profit, ±profit/loss rights, stop loss -50 units / limit profit +500 units) for a ±profit/loss distribution contract of the derivative product "FX Margin Trade GBP/AUD" Buy position and its start time is 09:10 AM, December 1st 2012, the contract is unrealized in case stop loss -50 units occur first from the ±profit/loss to occur from that point and the contract is closed. In contrast, when limit profit +500 units occur first, the Company refunds the Member's distribution deposit 50,000 KRW and enforce the distribution contract sharing 0 to 50% of the realization amount +500,000 KRW with the Company for default prevention and the contract is closed. This is clearly stipulated as mutual agreement based on the agreement of the Company's Terms and Conditions of conditional ±profit/loss distribution service.​

4. The Member, while trusting the Company, is to use this contract only in cases when s/he considers requesting "conditional distribution contract of '±profit/loss distribution contract'" more profitable than existing trades. The distribution criteria of the Company is to be determined based on the data or chart of Korean "investment agent's data that signed an MOU with overseas forex futures trading company (MPS) and forex agency. Among them, the Company chooses 1 minute data provided from 12 futures trading companies as a retail investor and determines standard of value, profit standard, ±profit rights, 1 minute chart numeric data so that the data processing and fluctuation data of exchange rate is applied and processed in the Company. The 1 minute chart provided to the Member by the Company matches over 90% with the data provided by futures trading company, but 10% discrepancy may occur in 1 minute data, and in this case the Company clarifies that the result is computer processed based on the data provided by the futures company chosen by the Company. The Member is able to request distribution contract only when having the Company's Terms and Conditions checked and agreeing with them. When conflicts occur during the usage of ±profit/loss distribution contract in addition to total amount of 10,000 KRW after requesting ±profit/loss distribution contract over 10,000 KRW, it is to be processed following the Company's policy. In particular, when the result was unrealized, the Member is to follow the Company's policy unless there are definite evidences. In this event when the Member takes any actions that may lead to harming the reputation of the Company such as verbal abuse, business disruption and the like, the Member is to hold his/her civil and criminal liability for that.

When the Member denies to agree with the ±profit/loss distribution contract process criteria of the Company, corresponding conflict is to be suspended by the Member's immediate Membership withdrawal. based on the new norm of the Company, the responsible to check the Company's real time applied distribution method result, and use the Company's distribution contract of ±profit/loss only when accepting the aforementioned. If the Member continuously use distribution by 20,000 KRW provided to the Member for trial during registration process, and the Member is regarded to have agreed with this in principle upon using ±profit/loss distribution contract. When conflicts occur during the usage of ±profit/loss distribution contract in addition to total amount of 10,000 KRW after requesting ±profit/loss distribution contract over 10,000 KRW, it is to be processed following the Company's policy. In particular, when the result was unrealized, the Member is to follow the Company's policy unless there are definite evidences. In this event when the Member takes any actions that may lead to harming the reputation of the Company such as verbal abuse, business disruption and the like, the Member is to hold his/her civil and criminal liability for that.​

5. based on the 50,000 KRW, "distribution deposit of ±profit/loss to occur from the derivative product of 1 LOT Buying position" received from the Member, when stop loss -50 units occurred and the contract was unrealized, the corresponding amount is to be offset for the failure. In contrast, when limit profit +50 units occur, the realized amount +50,000 KRW is to be distributed approximately as 43,000 KRW to the Member and 7,000 KRW to the Company. However, when the Company had considered that the default (insolvency) possibility is high, the Company is to distribute the realization amount in the range from 0 to 50% for default prevention, and the same method is to be applied for the contract of limit profit +500 units. The Member is responsible to check the Company's real time applied distribution method result, and use the Company's distribution contract of ±profit/loss only when accepting the aforementioned. If the Member continuously uses distribution contract of ±profit/loss, the Company regards the Member has agreed with the Company's distribution contract service policy.

6. When the Company misapplied realization/failure data after the distribution contract (rent), the Member is to notify this to the Company in 30 minutes. When the misapplied result was found over 30 minutes later, then the Member is to report by submitting relevant evidences as a document to the Company. The Company is to send inquiries to the futures trading company about the corresponding problem, have the result notified from the futures trading company in 3 months, and compensate the Member when the data was clearly found to be misapplied. Also, when the Company had paid the amount from misprocessing failure as realization, the Company is to deduct the corresponding amount from the Member's rent deposit. In contrast, when realization was processed as failure, the Company pays as much as the misprocessed amount to the Member. "Distribution contract execution criteria according to the Company's ±profit/loss" is to have the Member's loss deposit disappeared in all cases when stop -50 unit occurs, and when realization profit occurs first in cases either limit profit +50 or +500 units according to the distribution contract unit, the Company is to decide considering the default risks from 0 to 100% rate and then the realization profit is to be distributed with the Member in the range of 0 to 50%, returning the loss deposit of corresponding contract.

7. Being the on/offline ±profit/loss distribution contract operating body with www.fxrent.com as its domain access, the Company covers 100,000,000 KRW as an investment fund and -70,000 KRW as spread etc. and possess/sign an MOU as a retail investor, and operate the service by keeping 50,000 KRW deposit from the Member for the distribution contract of ±profit/loss to occur. Starting from the distribution contract" business, restricting the case of Freelancer to fulfill necessary conditions for Finance Investment Trade Product FX margin trade futures distribution (rent) service and be authorized by the Company, the corresponding Freelancer to be under the authority and responsibility of the Company. The Company has responsibility to explain the contents of "±profit/loss distribution contract" to the Freelancer falling under the range only.

8. The Company restricts its stable service provision and range of protecting the Member only in provision of distribution contract (rent) service through www.fxrent.com. As the basis of aforementioned, the Company allows public disclosure of Terms and Conditions and related contents list and notifications. The case that the Member directly contracts and do business of "distribution (rent) contract of ±profit/loss to occur from its very own product with investment of 100,000,000 KRW per 1LOT as a retail investor of FX margin trade" through the Center Freelancer and the Freelancer Business Center at the Freelancer Center and sharing numbers from 1 minute chart of www.fxrent.com is not concerned as the Company's service use contract based on Terms and Conditions. Additionally, when the Member was not able to contract separate distributional contents etc. with the Company, the Company does not hold any responsibilities in this. The Company also clearly states that the contract of the Freelancer providing a service receiving distribution contents usage fee only as the Freelancer Center service is nothing but a simple distribution content provision, which is irrelevant to the Company. In using on/offline "distribution contract of ±profit/loss" through Center Freelancer other than www.fxrent.com, the Member is required to find out if the corresponding Freelancer had authorized rent (distribution) business registration from the Company and operating rent service in the range of solvency with actual FX margin trade positions. The Company clearly determines before Freelancer uses the contents of the Company's FX margin trade "±profit/loss profit/loss deposit after deducting 0 to 50% of it. This policy is based on the intention to assist the Member who is about to reverse misjudgment in the process of signing the distribution contract (rent) beforehand and predicting the economy movement real time by lowering the probability of loss from prediction failure of the economy movement before initiating the ±profit/loss distribution contract.

9. The Member's request for "±profit/loss distribution contract" is valid only when it is based on proper profit and economic knowledge. The Company clearly states to authorize "±profit/loss distribution contract" on the assumption that the Member had agreed with the statement beforehand when the Member had requested the corresponding contract, and the Company prohibits the Member to be involved in any actions deciding profit/loss by chance from betting one's property no matter in any cases. The customer registered to the Company as the Member is to understand the Company's Terms and Conditions based on commercial law and so forth to request "±profit/loss distribution contract". The Member is to request the Company's web-based "±profit/loss distribution contract" upon understanding value fluctuation economics on Pound vs. Australian Dollar from GBP/AUD as common knowledge through futures trading company's actual account opening chart. In case of requesting "±profit/loss distribution contract" offline, cancellation is possible by 10 minutes before the rent distribution contract start time of "±profit/loss distribution contract" at the main office of the Company or the place designated by the Company and by 5 minutes online. On this occasion, the Company is to agree with the Member's cancellation request in condition of refunding pre-paid +1,000% (profit +500,000 KRW), when the Financial Investment Trader notifies -50,000 KRW, marks in the Company's account and withdraws, the contract is closed with the loss deposit. In contrast, when the Financial Investment Trader notifies exchange rate profit +500 unit and marks deposit of +500,000 KRW to the Company's account, both parties are to agree with distributing the profit deducted 0 to 50 % for default prevention and strictly follow the Terms and Conditions.

10. based on preliminary knowledge, the Member is to understand and agree after being well-informed that the judgement (may lack judgement in actual trial with high risk and high profit after practicing demonstrations in existing futures trading company homepages etc.) for each ±profit and loss to occur from buy/sell position in the finance co-invested trade product FX Margin Trade futures, the futures held by the Company. When the Member is sure that ±profit/loss distribution contract of the Company, technically analyzed data from actual trials, to be economically fair, the Member is to understand and agree with Terms and Conditions and to use the service provided by the Company. After the Member signs the distribution contract analyzing ±profit/loss to occur to the Company per each start time of the finance investment trade product of FX Margin Trade invested by the Company per 1 LOT, the Company is to authorize it. After the Member signs the distribution contract and the Financial Investment Trader notifies -50 units loss from exchange rate, the Company's loss of -50,000 KRW is to be set-off by the profit/loss deposit 50,000 KRW, the profit/loss deposit of the Member and the Company's loss of approximately -70,000 KRW such as spread at the trading point is substituted as the loss share and ±profit/loss distribution is closed. In contrast, when the Financial Investment Trader notifies exchange rate +50 unit and marks 50,000 KRW deposit, the Company is to distribute profit +50,000 KRW in contract condition of 7,000 KRW for the Company and 43,000 KRW for the Member, and the loss deposit 50,000 KRW is returned to the Member and the contract is closed. However, with ±profit/loss distribution contract profit/loss deposit 50,000 KRW, after distribution contract from limit condition of loss -50,000 KRW failure condition and profit +1,000% (profit +500,000 KRW), when the Financial Investment Trader charge and derivative products the Company owns are offered to the Member for free.

11. To provide service safely, the Company stipulates 1 minute data as the criteria on ±profit/loss distribution contract chosen among the futures companies possessing LOTs by diversified investment. When distribution contracted stop -50 unit occurs first in 1 minute data after contract, the contract is closed unrealized. When reaching limit ±profit/loss by 50 units both buy and sell position in 1 minute chart data, the corresponding case is invalidated and the contract is terminated by returning profit/loss deposit to the Member. This process is regarded to be agreed in both parties by agreeing with the Terms and Conditions during the Member Registration. However, when contract criteria is decided in ways other than stated above, the Company may distribute deciding distribution contract result based on the 1 minute or tick data that reached beforehand, and its basis is to follow the notification and the Terms and Conditions hereof.

12. When necessary, the Company may add or revise other contents of service such as Bulletin, Club, Online Chatting Service, Mailing service and the like.

Article 13 (Distribution Contract System of Web-based ±profit/loss to occur)

All services except for the distribution service of ±profit/loss to occur from the product noted for extra charge and derivative products the Company owns are offered to the Member for free.

The Company complies with the policy in case the distribution contract policy of ±profit/loss to occur for distribution service-derivative products is specially stated.

Article 14 (Initiating the Web-based distribution contract service system of ±profit/loss to occur)

The distribution contract service is initiated immediately after the Company authorizes the Member’s request for use according to the Article 6 hereof.

However, the beginning of the service may be delayed if the cause corresponds to the Article 16 hereof.

Article 15 (Time of use on Web-based distribution contract for ±profit/loss to occur)

① Excluding cases of professional, technical errors or other special disturbances, the distribution service is to be provided all year round, 24 hours a day as a principle.

But the Company may confine the full use or part of the ±profit distribution contract service for the purpose of maintenance, replacing, fixing, the case for communications interruptions, regular inspections and other needs for a regular operations. In this case, the Company is to notify related matters beforehand or after.

② The Company may decide the time of use for the ‘part of the distribution service’ of the provided service and in this case, the time of use will be notified to the Member beforehand.

Article 16 (Providing Information and Posting Advertisement)

The Company may use the Member’s information (phone number, e-mail address, etc.) for various marketing, promotional or advertising purposes of the Company and if the Member does not want this, s/he may state his/her may clearly state his/her intention to reject the use of personal information to the Company at all times.

The Company may not disclose the Member’s information to a third party without the Member’s additional consent unless there is a special regulation in the law.

The Company earns an agreement in advance, abiding by Information Communications Network Act Article 24 Term 2 and Personal Information Protection Act Article 18 Term 1, to provide the Member’s personal information (Name, ID, Personal Trade Realization/Failure Amount, and information related to the Freelancer’s Profit in the corresponding year) to the Freelancer in charge.

Details of above 3 terms are as follows.

1. In case of providing personal information to the Freelancer in charge, it is provided in minimum by masking or mosaicking some of information in the Term 3.

2. The reason why the Freelancer can access the Member’s personal information is to receive some of information regarding profit calculation method between the Company and the Freelancer in charge.

3. Access period to the Member’s information corresponding to the Article 4 Term 1, 2 hereof, is until the Member changes the Freelancer in charge or withdraws from the site.

Article 17 (Discontinuing Web-based Distribution Contract Service of ±profit and loss to occur)

The Company may discontinue providing the distribution service in case it falls under the following of each Term.

1. In cases temporary suspension in providing the service is inevitable due to maintenance, replacement, regular check-ups, constructions, etc. of the facility

2. In cases the key telecommunications business operator stipulated by Telecommunications Business Act has stopped or is not providing regular telecommunication service

3. In cases of other occurrences disabling the Company to provide the service​

4. The Correlation between the Web-based Distribution Contract System of ±profit/loss to occur and its Obligations

4. Rights Responsibility Relationship regarding Distribution Contract System related to the web arising ±profit/loss


Article 18 (The company’s responsibilities)

① The Company is to do the best in providing consistent and stable profit/loss distribution service of the product according to the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

② The Company is to maintain the operational state of the facility concerning the Web-based distribution service system at all times, and do everything it can to fix and restore without delay in case any errors or losses occur. However, if the conduct is impossible due to the events of natural disasters, emergencies, or other unavoidable occurrences, responsibilities for the performance of obligations are exempt.

③ The Company is expected to promptly handle the matters when the Member’s complaints regarding the profit/loss distribution service is reasonable. However, if the Member had submitted complaints due to personal reasons such as adjustable factors in the use of the service or facility specifications and accountability is unclear as to whose, the Company is exempt from opening or restoring the system.

④ The Company is to prevent the Member’s all kinds of private information including credits from leaking out of the profit/loss distribution service system of the product, and protect the information from being disclosed or provided to the third party.

Article 19 (Protection of Private Information)

① The Company may not give away, disclose, or distribute the member’s private information concerning the ‘distribution (rent) service of ±profit and loss to occur’ on the web-site to the others without prior consent. However, the cases referring to the following are exceptions.

1. In cases when requested from related institutions for investigation purposes under the Related Act and Subordinate Statute

2. In cases when requested from Korea Internet Safety Commission

3. In cases according to other Related Act and Subordinate Statute

4. In cases for the purpose of creating statistic with no discernable individual shown, promotional material, or academic research

② Within the stipulation on Term 1 hereof, The Company may create statistics concerning all or partial Members’ private information related to advertisement tasks and send the cookie to the Member’s computer through the web-based profit/loss distribution service system. In this case, the Member may change the setting of computer browser to deny or warn about the cookie receive.

According to Related Act and Subordinate Statute, the Company holds responsibilities in protecting the Member's personal information including Member Registration information. Protection of the Member's private information is to be processed under the Related Act and Subordinate Statute and “Protection Policy on Private Information” of the Company.

The Company’s “Protection Policy on Private Information” has valid effect as a constituent of Terms and Conditions hereof.

Article 20 (Dormant Accounts)

① In accordance with “the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information” and related law, the Company is to transfer the Member’s account who do not log-in or use rent trading service for over 12 months and keep the private information of corresponding account separate from other Members’ private information.

② Dormant accounts are restricted from FXRENT Member log-ins and service usage, and the Company may not use private information from dormant accounts or provide it to a third party.

③ The Company is to notify the Member in advance through Announcement, e-mails, SMS etc. more than 30 days prior to the estimated processing date.

④ In case the Member is willing to be cleared from his/her account being dormant, the corresponding Member is to use the service after verifying him/herself through homepage.

⑤ Remaining Rent Deposit of the Member may not be returned under dormant account status. Remaining Rent Deposit is to be returned after transferring to a normal account and requesting withdrawals etc.

When there are no requests from the Member over 3 years since the transfer of his/her account to be dormant, the corresponding dormant account is to be withdrawn. When there is remaining Rent Deposit, the Company is to transfer the amount to the Member’s registered account under his/her own name.

Article 21 (The Member’s Obligations)

The Member should abide by the Related Act and Subordinate Statute, Terms and Conditions, Member’s Obligations, terms and related policies hereof. The Member shall not take any actions that may cause dishonor of the Company or any critical disturbances in conduction of business.

② The Member shall not be involved in sales/advertising activity using the distribution service without the Company’s permission.

③ The Member shall not use the information obtained from using the distribution service for duplication, reproduction, modification, translation, publication/broadcasting, or any other purposes without the Company’s consent and may not provide the information to any third parties.

④ In cases when there were changes in private information such as address, contact information, etc., the Member is to notify the corresponding change to the Company.

⑤ The Member shall not do the following in relation to the profit/loss distribution service of the product held by the Company.

1. The act corresponding to unfair transactions (insider trading, price manipulation, unfair trading, etc.) prescribed by the “Capital Market and Financial Investment Services Provider Act” and using the Company’s service for the aforementioned purposes.

2. The act of misusing other Member’s ID or lending the account to the other party without the Company’s permission

3. The act for the purpose of criminal act or instigating an illegal act

4. The act of invading morality or breaking public order

5. The act of dishonoring both the Company and any third parties and/or violating their rights

6. The act of possible violation in trademark rights and/or copyrights of the third party

7. The act of hacking a server and/or spreading computer viruses

8. The act of being antisocial and against the related Act

9. Any acts considered inappropriate by the Company

10. Anyone using the rent trading service of the Company is to agree with this Terms and Conditions and the rent trading agreement of the derivatives possessed by the Company and strictly follow them. Upon these conditions aforementioned, user is to also agree that the explanations about the employees etc. are for reference only to be acknowledged by the Company as the Member.

Article 22 (Obligations regarding the Member’s ID and Password)

① The Member is to use ID and password to use the service.

② The Member holds responsibilities in managing his/her own ID and password

③ The Member may not let any third party use his/her own ID and password or disclose information of ID and password to any third party for the corresponding purpose.

④ The Member holds responsibilities for the loss due to his/her carelessness of ID and password maintenance and the Company is not to hold any responsibilities upon this.

⑤ The Member is to notify the Company immediately in case s/he detects misuse of his/her ID and password by a third party, and hold responsibilities for his/her private information on abiding by the Company’s countermeasure policy and guideline.

Article 23 (Deletion of the posting or contents)

① If any postings or the contents on the website are considered to be falling under the following category, the Company may rightfully delete or deny registering of the corresponding postings or contents without prior notices.

1. Violation of the Member’s rights in Article 19 hereof

2. Unauthorized advertisement and promotional postings

3. Impediment to the Company’s or the service’s normal operation

4. Postings that may cause disturbance of regular bulletin operation such as reposting the same contents​

5. Miscellaneous

Article 24 (Copyright Ownership)

① The Company owns the copyright and other intellectual property rights on the materials and contents made from the Company.

② All rights and responsibilities for the contents posted on the website(서비스) by the Member belongs to the Member him/herself.

However, for the public postings provided to the Company by the Member, it is considered that the Member and the Company had mutually agreed granting no-charge, non-exclusive user’s rights to allow duplicate, revise, exposure, distribute, publish including derivative and edited ones.

Article 25 (Policy regarding prohibition against redistribution and disposition, and circumstances when the Member requests to drop out in the middle of the rent contract period after signing the contract for realization of 10 or 100 times of the distribution deposit)

The Member may not remise or donate the user’s right of the web-based distribution service system or other positions from the user’s contract/to others, and may not provide it as a collateral.

However, if the Member requests termination and distribution during the distribution service after signing the contract for realization Limit for 10 or 100 times of the distribution deposit, the Company is to be pre-distributed the amount in the range of 0 to 50%, pay the rest of the amount to the Member and terminate the distribution contract.

Article 26 Freelancer may have individual business license issued by him/herself and contract distribution rights of profit ±profit/loss to occur from invested and possessed product to the Member offline)

In cases when Freelancer invests and possesses Financial Derivatives and co-invests as an individual business, not based on the freelancer contract with the Company, and have the Member sign a contract of "distribution contract of ±profit/loss to occur real time" offline etc., the corresponding distribution service is irrelevant to the Company. The Company clearly states that there are no responsibilities in the Company relating to loss and consumer damage caused by the aforementioned service.

The Company is to authorize the Member only for the distribution based on "distribution contract of ±profit/loss to occur". In case a freelancer not approved by the Company contracts distribution with the Member, the Company classifies this as an "Exceptional Case" outside the ‘Terms and Conditions/Notice for the Web-based Distribution Service System’ and defines the matter limited between both parties, clarifying no relevance with the Company. In case problems arise between a freelancer and the Member related to ‘Exceptional Case’, the Company is not to hold any liabilities.

Article 27 (Special Agreement)

The Company recommends the Member to practice trade simulation and open an actual account on fully licensed "Homepage for Finance Investment Trading Agency (HTS)" and to be well-acquainted with related information such as viewing ±exchange rate data and the like before signing up for the distribution contract service. Also, the Company would like to notify first in advance that buying 1 LOT of FX margin trade product as 100,000,000 KRW at 9 am (co-investment, MOU), paying -70,000 KRW as spread etc. for once and investing and possessing according to objective technical analysis data with probability of annually exchange rate ±profit/loss 5,000,000 KRW may be more advantageous and safer than the Company's profit/loss distribution contract.

When distribution customers' data including ID and so forth disappear As a business providing "distribution service of ±profit/loss to occur from the financial investment trading product" online through domain server, the Company is to notify in advance possible events such as the loss of the Member’s account information of deposit or profit/loss distribution retained may occur due to variety of expedients like DDOS attacks, on-line hacking of financial data information in the process of using the Company’s service. The Company is obligated to download and retain the information 6 hours ahead at all times, and clearly states that full restoration may be impossible even after performing its required duties. For this reason, the Member is to sign the contract only in cases understanding and agreeing with the corresponding Term hereof. When the Member fails to agreeing with this Term, the Member is to withdraw the deposit and leave the Member immediately.

Indemnity concerning the information loss of distribution data on newly installed server, etc.

Being Korea’s first and only "distribution (rent) business of ±profit/loss rights to occur from FX margin trade product", the Company has arranged a Compensatory Damages concerning distribution data loss on newly installed server and is to inform as the following.

Subject to Compensatory Damages: The Member (Client) whose deposit has disappeared

Compensation Range: 100% possible, but the Member is to go through the self-defense testimony if the compensation amount exceeds one million dollar or more. (Example: Downloading related information in advance, etc.)

How to request Compensation: Post on one-on-one Q&A (Attachment of the distribution (rent) screenshot is recommended for efficient and effective compensation)

Recommendation in Requesting Compensations: The Member is to be fully informed of subject, range, and steps to request compensations, and assist compensation process to be smooth by preparing the details and the amount of loss for requesting compensation.

Other considerations regarding the Compensation Request: When in process, the Company owes an apology to the Member who experienced loss, and takes responsibility to process in the event of telephone inquiries or one-on-one Q&A posting.

+profit process of retained amount when contract is realized

Approximately 15 minutes may be required to process the Member’s deposit when the distribution contract is realized. During the given time, the Company is to verify whether the result from the product contracted for distribution is accurate or not, and clearly state that the Member’s retained amount is to go through disposition of marginal profits step-by-step by activating the system for 15 minutes after realization.

The Company is to notify in advance the time for the procedure of marginal profit disposition may vary based on the circumstances and conditions of each member in the corresponding process, albeit on the same contract.

Return policy on deposit and fee in the event of contract closure

If the Member’s distribution (rent) deposit and the fee is to be returned due to the contract closure of the product, the Company may take around 15 minutes to process the refund. The Company is to verify whether the result of the product contracted for distribution is accurate in the given time, and is to clearly state that the deposit and the fee go through the refund procedure step-by-step by activating the system for 15 minutes after the contract closure going through the process the Member’s profit/loss deposit and usage fee in consecutive order. The Company is to notify in advance that the pending time for refund may vary based on the circumstances and conditions of the Member in the corresponding process because of lags etc., albeit on the same contract.

Access denial of the FXRENT Website

As access denial or delay of the FXRENT Website due to the factors of each freelancer’s Internet environment (Internet use of multiple PC by using the router and hub with one IP) is related to the system construction reinforcing FXRENT server’s safety and security, so the Company does not hold any responsibilities and advises the freelancer to use fixed IP per 1 PC at each freelancer center.

All the Terms and Conditions above are to be notified based on commercial law etc. and this business is already declared not to be illegal, so hereby we clearly notify when government employees, reporters etc. had quoted this business without agreement of the CEO of the Company whether making profits by coincidence from the methods stated in Term 246 & 247 of Korean Criminal Law or by necessity and fairly, and when it is verified that the profit made from this business is fair by the Company, all responsibilities lie in parties who had quoted this business illegally.

The Rent Deposit 20,000 KRW provided to the new Member for trials is not to be refunded to the Member’s Account in any cases including Member leave and the like.

Article 28 (Indemnity)

In the event that a case liable for indemnity concerning "web-based distribution contract of ±profit/loss to occur" provided by the Company occurs, the policy does not impose the liability on the Company unless the imputation is due to the critical error of the Company.

Article 29 (Exemption)

The Company holds no liability for interruption or error in profit/loss distribution service of the goods due to the reasons attributable to the Member.

In the event that damage or wrongful use by third parties is detected in the managing of the Member’s ID and password, the Member is liable for the corresponding loss if it is attributable to them.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability and such of the information, material, and contents posted on this website by the Member.

The information and materials provided by the Company is prohibited to be used for purpose of trade, and the Company holds no liability for the damage occurring from the decision whether to use or current use of the service.

The Company has no obligations to involve in dispute over the distribution service among the Members or between the Member and a third party and assumes no responsibilities for the damage from the aforementioned case.

The deposit paid by the Member for the service provided by the Company fluctuates according to the Member’s realization/failure within the horizontal limit line. based on the service, in the event that the Member asks for a withdrawal, the Company’s policy is to process the request after collecting approximately every hour in 24 hours (07:00-23:00 Mon-Fri, 07:00 on Sat.).In the corresponding event, the Company has performed its duty and the Member may not raise any objections. In the event that withdrawal is delayed due to special reasons such as natural disasters etc., the Member is to accept the Company’s cause of exemption for performance liability as reasonable and may not raise any objections.

In the event that the Member’s record and deposit preserved and protected by the Company is disappeared due to uncontrollable factors such as data loss, halting problems, DDos attacks, and hacking of the computer system of "web-based distribution contract of ±profit/loss to occur" provided by the Company, the Company is to apply downloaded or backed up record on the most recent date from the point of the accident.

Article 30 (Notice for those “±profit-loss distribution service (otherwise known as “rent”)” assistance provider of this Company)

The area for accredited Finance Investment Broker, Finance Investment Trader, Group Investment Business person, Investment Agency, Investment Consultant, and Company Trust Business based on the Capital Market Act held in diversified investment and MOU by the corresponding Company for the purpose of default prevention by the Company consists of 12 companies including KB Investment Stocks, KR Futures, Hyundae Futures, Hana Daetoo Securities and the like. The Company provides the Member (contracted client) realization/failure data by methods such as receiving API one API 1 minute Data from one of the aforementioned 12 futures trading companies or develop technology of capturing its data by taking pictures, etc. or other methods. If the Member reaches the solvency standard to occur from invested (MOU signed) "FX Margin Trade" financial investment product, the result in other words, the Company is to notify the authorization of request for "Agreement of distribution of profit/loss to occur" Terms and Conditions payment in advance within its solvency on conditions that the Member requests the payment.

The Member is able to check indirectly whether the rent result is applied fairly or not, and this is to be checked by 1 minute data checking system of 1 company from 12 companies invested diversely by the Company. Through this, the Member may use "distribution contract service of ±profit/loss to occur" only in cases when the Member understands and recognizes numbers and error range of spread.

The Company’s status does not concern the 12 futures companies mentioned in the corresponding term hereof, and the Company stresses that the product is futures possessed (MOU signed) and co-invested as a retail investor. In addition, the Company is to decide that effect equal to mutual agreement takes place by the Member’s agreement to "distribution contract service of ±profit/loss to occur" applied to 1 minute data while allocating the realization/failure/Profit/±profit/loss rights from the futures trading company that the Company had possessed (MOU) and co-invested as a retail investor.

Article 31 (Dispute Settlement)

① In the event that dispute concerning the distribution service provided by the Company takes place, the Member is liable to take every actions necessary to resolve the matter smoothly.

② In addition to the subsection 1 of the corresponding term hereof, the lawsuits concerning disputes between the Company and the Member are to take place in the Company’s designated competent court among other competent courts under the Code of Civil Procedures.

Subsidiary Law

1. This Terms and Conditions is effective from May 2nd, 2019 at International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd.