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Privacy Policy

Contents copyrights lie in FXRENT, and requires penal responsibility for unauthorized distribution.

FX RENT Personal Information Management Policy

1. FX RENT Personal Information Management Policy
2. Purpose of Personal Information Management 
3. Collection of Personal Information 
4. Use of Personal Information
5. Provision and Consignment of Personal Information
6. Disposal of Personal Information
7. Extras

1. FX RENT Personal Information Management Policy
International FXRENT HQ Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) highly values our customers’ personal information and strictly observes related Korean laws, privacy policy and guideline, which information and communication service providers should comply with.
“Personal Information Management Policy” means the guideline, which the Company should observe to enable the customers to use its service by protecting the customers’ important personal information.
According to the Article 30 of Personal Information Protection Act, the Company is letting you know in what purpose and what way the personal information, provided by you, are used through the Personal Information Management Policy and also is informing which measures are taken to protect personal information.

2. Purpose of Personal Information Management 
The Company processes collected information according to the customer’s prior consent or the procedure defined by related regulations on personal information protection for the purposes below.
1. Decide on establishing or maintaining trade relationship, Investigate financial accidents, Executing legal duties, etc.
2. Provide services according to your submission for homepage use and electronic financial transaction service request
3. Lubricate communication for notice delivery and complaint management, etc., and Promote investment information, new products/services, and new products/events introduction
4. Provide confirmation documents, on the current status of use of the Company, such as transaction statements, balance statements, etc., and Host events
5. Prevent personal information damage and customer information theft
6. Receive consent to provide extra customized service, etc.

3. Collection of Personal Information
When the Company receives an agreement on collecting and using personal information, it classifies mandatory and optional items, and it does not process anything beyond the agreed bounds or original purpose.
If the customer does not agree with the collection/usage of the mandatory items, establishing or maintain trade relationship is impossible. 
The customer may refuse to agree with the optional items, and the Company cannot reject conclusion of the contract or provision of services when the customer rejects provision of personal information besides mandatory items.
However, if the customer refuses to agree with the optional items, providing related convenience services (prizes, discount coupons, etc.) may be limited.

The personal information items processed by the Company refer to the followings.
- Mandatory Items -
1. Personally Identifiable information: Customer Name, Birthdate, Contact Number, Gender, Nationality, CI
2. Finance Information: Name of Bank, Account Number
3. Trading Information: Account Creation Information, Deposit, Transactional Information 
4. Usage Information: Access IP and Cookie, Service Usage Record, Equipment Information, OS Information
5. Investor Information: Investor information and investment propensity pursuant to the regulations regarding investment recommendation, etc. 
- Optional Items -
1. The items the customer has agreed for the provision of customized service
- Personally Identifiable Information: Address, Email, etc.
4. Credit Rating Judgment information: Overdue, Bankruptcy, Guarantee Payment, Disturbance of Credit Order, etc.
5. Credit Ability Judgment information: Credit Level, Credit Rating information, etc.
- Pursuant to the law Article 32 Section 2 regarding the use and protection of credit information, the Company can receive credit information from a credit information company for debt collection, without the consent of the customer.
- If the customer look into his or her personal credit information via Credit Information Collection Agency or Credit Viewing Company, the customer’s credit level may drop.

In certain services, additional personal information may be collected to provide various specialized functions.
- Personal Information Items additionally collected for Customer Support –
- Telephone CS Center: Calling Number
- Web CS Center: E-mail address, cellphone number

The methods to collect personal information are as follows.
Before collecting personal information, we notify corresponding fact to the customer first to ask for their consent. We collect personal information through the following methods.
1. When the customer agrees with personal information collection and then directly inputs the corresponding information in the process of membership registration and service usage
2. When personal information is provided by the affiliated services or groups
3. Webpage, e-mail, Fax, phone call etc. during the customer support process through CS Center
4. Participation in on/offline events/festivals

The personal information we collect from the customer during the service usage are as the following:
- Terminal data information (OS, screen size, device ID), IP address, cookies, access date, illegal usage history, service usage history etc. may be automatically generated and collected in the process of using PC web, mobile web/app.
Personal information items provided from a third party are as the following:

 Provider Name

Contents Provided

Purpose to be Provided

NICE Credit Information Service Co., Ltd.

Credit Information, Birthdate

To prevent illegal usage through identification

4. Use of Personal Information
Our customer’s personal information are used for member management, service provision/update, new service development, and etc.
During the membership registration and service usage process, we collect minimal personal information, which are needed to provide services, through the homepage or additional process.
- Member identification/registration intention confirmation, identification/age confirmation, prevention of illegal usage
- Provide analysis and service according to demographical factors
- Develop new services, provide various services, process inquiries or complaints, deliver announcements
- Prevention and restriction of activities that may interrupt fluent usage of the services (including account theft and illegal usage etc.)
- Usage in marketing, advertisement etc.
- Usage in history of service usage, statistics by access frequency and service usage, construction of service environment to protect privacy, provide customized service, and service improvement

※ Personal Information Retaining and Processing Period
- The Company retains/uses the information from the agreement date (for collecting/using them) to trade (financial) termination date or the date of achieving usage purpose in the contract.
- Even after the usage purpose is achieved, the information may be prolonged and be retained or processed when: it is inevitable to abide by the law; the risk of dispute is still valid; it is required for the customer’s good; and conducting a given task according to other laws.

5. Provision and Consignment of Personal Information
The Company may not provide personal information collected/possessed to a third party without its users’ contents. However, personal information may be provided to a third party in cases when:
1. Received an additional consent from the information holder.
2. There are special rules in laws or it is inevitable to comply with legal duties.
3. It is admitted to be required for the sake of the information holder or third party’s life, body, asset, and the information holder or his/her agent is unable to express intention or unable to receive prior consent due to the conditions such as unknown address.
4. It is unavailable to commit duties determined by other laws unless personal information is used for other purpose or provided to a third party, and it underwent the review and decision of the Protection Committee.
5. It is required to provide the personal information to a foreign government or international organization for committing a treaty or other international agreement.
6. It is required for investigating crime, and filing and maintaining prosecution.
7. It is required for committing trial duties of the court.
8. It is required to execute punishment, care and custody, and protective disposition.
- The Company neither provides personal information to any third parties outside the country, nor signs the contract, with any contents violating Privacy Protection Act, for cross-border transfer of personal information.

The Company entrusts duties as the following for providing the service.

Entrusted Company

Entrusted Duties

Personal Information Usage Period

NAVER Co., Ltd.

Server management and administration

Until membership withdrawal

or entrust contract


KB Bank

Issuing virtual accounts

Munja Ok, Sure M

SMS delivery

6. Disposal of Personal Information
In case of electronic file, the Company safely deletes personal information not to be restored or reclaimed, and the others such as documents, printouts, and letters are grinded or incinerated to be destroyed.
However, the information destroyed after being saved in the internal guideline are as follows.
1) Below information are destroyed 5 years, maximum, after the membership withdrawal.
-. Inquiries history in the account for dealing with CS inquiries, and partial personal information are kept after being encoded.
-. History of illegal usage of the service
-. Rent contract service usage history abiding by the law for consumer protection in the electronic commerce
Also, according to “Valid Period System for Personal Information”, the Company separates and saves the information of the member who has not used the service for over 1 year, and the personal information separated and saved are destroyed after being saved for 3 years.
As long as there is no proper reason, the Company destroys personal information that exceeds saving period within 5 days from the ending date of saving period. Personal information admitted to be unnecessary due to fulfillment of its processing purpose, termination of corresponding service, termination of the business etc. are destroyed within 5 days since the admittance date.
However, personal information included in document files may be destroyed per each quarter after checking its preservation necessity.

When using the personal information according to the purpose ranges underneath, corresponding personal information may be separated from the other personal information, and then preserved and administered.
1. When there are special legal regulations or it is inevitable to comply with legal duties
2. When there is remaining possibility of disputes such as lawsuits and civil complaints
3. When required for customer’s sakes such as consumer protection
4. When conducting entrusted duties according to other laws

7. Extras
7-1. Information Holder’s Rights/Duties and their Exercises
Regarding the process of his or her personal information, the customer owns the rights stated in the below each clause.
1. The right to be provided with information about personal information process
2. The right to select and decide whether to agree to the personal information process and the scope of the agreement
3. The right to check the status of the personal information processing and request (including request for issue of the copy. The same applies for ‘request for view’) to view personal information
4. The right to demand suspension, revision, deletion, and destruction of personal information
5. The right to receive redemption from the damage driven by mishandled personal information process, according to prompt and fair procedure
- If a leak of the customer’s personal information is detected, the Company notifies the details of Privacy Protection Act Article 34 to the customer, and takes necessary measures to minimize the damage.
- The customer needs to manage his/her own personal information to establish healthy information society, and collecting/using/providing/distributing others' personal information by illegal means/expedients such as hacking without prior notice are not allowed.
- The customer may demand to view, change/delete, suspend process of (hereafter phrased as “demand viewing, etc.”) his or her personal information. 
- When the Company is processing collected personal information from other sources than the customer him/herself, the customer can request to reveal the source. The Company must notify the contents of Terms and Conditions Terms 20 Clause 1 within 5 business days unless there is a justifiable cause. If the customer refuses to agree according to the Terms and Conditions Term 20 Clause 2, he or she must inform the basis and reason for refusal within 3 business days from the request date.
- In case there is an objection to the Company’s actions such as refusal to provide access to the customer’s personal information, the customer may file a claim to the corresponding department for viewing personal information. 

7-2. Information about Chief Privacy Officer
- The Company has a Chief Privacy Officer to handle customer’s inconveniences and complaints regarding personal information and to protect valuable personal information. Please contact our Chief Privacy Officer below if you have any inquiries or inconveniences related to your personal information.
1. Department and Name: Development Team, Kim, Che-yeol (Team Manager)
2. Contact Number: +82-70-4741-0797 /

7-3. Measures to secure Safety of Personal Information
- The Company is taking management actions stated in the below subsections to secure safety of personal information.
1. Establishing and executing internal management plan to safely process personal information
2. Establishing and executing a training plan for the Company employee or affiliated personnel who directly handles personal information 
3. Conducting periodical self-audit according to the internal management plan.
- The Company is taking technical actions stated in the below subsections to secure safety of personal information.
1. Limited access to and management of personal information
2. Identification and authorization process to verify the right to access personal information
3. Measures such as installation of the system to restrict unauthorized access to personal data
4. Measures such as encryption to enable safe storage/delivery of personal data
5. Measures to store access records and prevent their forgery/falsification
6. Installation and periodical renewal/inspection of the security program
- The Company is taking physical actions such as access control and locks to safely store personal information.

7-4. Information about the Change of Personal Information Process Policy
- When the Company revises Personal Information Process Policy, revised terms and revision/enforcement date are publicized continuously via homepage.

7-5. Remedy Methods for Violation of Privacy
- If you need to report or consult about infringement of personal information, please direct your inquiry to Call Center for Infringement of Personal Data in Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).
- Call Center for Infringement of Personal Data
• Phone number: (Without region code) +82-118
• E-mail: